How to Cut the Electricity Bill in an Apartment

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The demand for electricity is snowballing every day, but unfortunately, the supply and resources are limited. As per BP Energy Outlook, India’s energy consumption continues to grow by an alarming 4.2% p.a. Very often it has been found that many apartment owners get frustrated by seeing their electric bills. It is true that your electricity bill depends on various factors, still, if you know some tips, you can save a lot of electricity and can live happily and also enjoy surplus electricity. Here, we are mentioning some tips regarding how to cut the electric bill in apartments:

How to Reduce Electricity Bill in Kerala

1. Go for Energy Efficient Lighting:

A plethora of studies has claimed that most people use or waste a massive percentage of electricity because they don’t use proper and energy-efficient lights.

Nowadays, the markets are crammed with compact fluorescent bulbs which are 5 times more energy efficient than regular bulbs, yet they give the same lighting. But people have inadequate knowledge regarding this. So, this is the time that you need to replace all your old incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs. Now, both are available at reasonable prices and their operational life is also much longer than the old ones.

2. Try Traditional Cooking Methods:

You can use old and traditional firewood methods for cooking. And whenever you need to cook, use the microwave or stove as much as possible. Because microwave generates less heat and consumes less energy. Try to cook in the evening or early in the morning when the outdoor air is cooler because this minimizes your cooling costs. Also, read about the apartment kitchen storage ideas.

3. Make Your Dinner Special With Candle Lights:

Candle light dinner is something special it makes special feels . And making your dinner with candle lights can save the electrical energy consumption. So this is one of the best awareness methods to save electricity.

4. Avoid Using More Rooms at a Time:

Kindly consider this point. It can reduce some of your electric current.

5. Use Natural Lights:

Use Natural Lights

You should go for natural lighting as much as possible. Identify when and where the sun shines through your windows so that you can open your windows and blinds at that time.

Try to dry your clothes, floor, etc. during the day time when you will get ample of sunlight. On the other hand, the sunlight can add a couple of degrees of heat to your room and in this way, it saves a chunk of money as well as electricity for you.

6. Turn off Electrical Equipments (Switch Off Lights and Fans):

Are you thinking how to reduce electricity bill in Kerala? Then, don’t forget to turn off lights and fans when you are not using them. Most people forget to switch off their fans and lights when they are going outside. So, their lives get miserable with higher electric bills.

Also turn off other electrical devices when you are not using them. Because they consume some energy even on standby mode. When you are plug in your chargers or laptops (even you are not using them), they still consume a little bit of energy constantly. So, turn off or switch off all the electrical devices when they are not in use.

You can use smart power strips which will prevent your devices from consuming electricity even when they are in a standby mode. Check out smart home automation kerala.

7. Replace Air Filters Regularly:

Are you looking for some ideas regarding how to keep electric bill low in summer? Then, replace your air filter on an interval basis. Because dirty air filter instigates your HVAC system to work in a harder way in order to circular air.

This may increase your electric bill. On the other hand, filters with higher MERV ratings help filter to circulate air in a better way and this will minimize your electric bill. Not only this but also it may reduce the chances of illnesses or allergies. Also read how to cool down apartment during summer.

8. Adjust Water Heater Temperature:

Adjust Water Heater Temperature

Does your apartment has own heater? Then, turn the temperature down while everyone is away because it will only heat the required water not any unnecessary or unneeded water.

An efficient water heater jacket will also minimize heating costs. If you are making a checklist before buying an apartment, then don’t forget to mention the water heater in your checklist.

9. Install Energy-Efficient Toilet:

Don’t forget to install an energy-efficient toilet in your new apartment, if you are planning to cut the electricity bill in the apartment. Since you have an energy efficient toilet, only less amount of water will be wasted on flushing. Also, incorporate water-efficient shower heads which will save a chunk of water by lessening its volume when released during a shower.

Install faucet which has an aerator to minimize water consumption. These tiny changes will surprisingly reduce your water flow by 50% and also minimize your electric bill. Checkout some of the apartment owners legal rights.

10. Keep Your Air Conditioner on a Power Saving Mode:

It is true that your conditioner uses a lot of electricity. But if you use it prudently, you can minimize your electricity bill. For this, you need to run your conditioner in power-saving mode. Never see the temperature below 18º, and if possible, set the temperature at 22 degrees.

It has proven that at this temperature your air conditioner will consume minimal energy and power. If you are looking for some ideas regarding how to keep electric bill low in summer, then follow this tip.

11. Implant Some Shrubs:

Are you desperately looking for some astounding ideas to reduce your electricity bill? Then nothing can be better than planting some shrubs and plants in front of your house. You should place them in an innovative way so that they can block the sun from shining directly on your air conditioning system.

This little step will help your conditioner to consume 10% less electricity when it is in the shade. In this way, it will also lessen your electricity bill. Also read tips to setup terrace garden in apartments of Kerala.

12. Use Smart Electrical Devices:

These days, the markets are crammed with smart home devices for apartments. These are smart electrical and electronic devices because they consume less energy and thereby, save your time and cost.

With the help of the latest technologies and techniques, the scientists and researchers are developing new solar-powered devices like calculators, cookers, heaters, switches, and sockets which are energy and cost efficient. This is the time that you need to discard all your energy-hungry utensils and should opt for these new products.

Try to decorate your home with electrical appliances which have higher energy ratings. Because appliances who possess higher ratings consume less energy. Instead of purchasing an energy-consuming plasma TV, you can purchase low wattage TV like LCD or LED.

You might be happy to know that this LED Or LCD will significantly reduce your electric bills. You can easily use a solar-powered charger to charge your mobile phones and other electronic devices. A solar-powered charger is run by solar energy which is renewable, cost-efficient and eco-friendly energy.

13. Wash Your Clothes Efficiently:

Wash Clothes Efficiently

Are you looking for some eco-friendly apartment ideas? Then, do your laundry smartly. If you heat water for your laundry, then this will consume a lot of energy and also enhances your bill. You should try to wash only full loads of clothes instead of washing a small number of clothes. Most of the detergents usually dissolve in cold water and this minimizes the amount of hot water that you need to use.

14. Dry Cloths Naturally:

Instead of using a dryer, try to dry your clothes naturally by using the sunlight. If you are using a dishwasher, then machine drying is not mandatory. So, turn-off heat drying setting of your dishwasher and dry all your utensils manually.

15. Install Solar Panel:

Install Solar Panel

You can effortlessly install the solar panel on the rooftop of your house if you want to minimize your energy consumption and electricity bill. This is the top one solution for how to reduce electricity bill in Kerala.

Because solar panels don’t need any fuel and thus, you need to invest a tiny amount for the maintenance. So, this is the ultimate way which can minimize your electricity bill. Moreover, solar energy doesn’t cause any pollution or any lethal effect, so by installing solar systems at your home, you are protecting the earth from global warming and also making a good impact on the environment.

16. Take Care of  Your Pump:

Do you need to pump water into the overhead tanks for various domestic purposes? Then, make sure that they are well maintained and oiled properly. Because a sticky or gooey bearing can enhance the pump consumption and also uplift your electricity bill.

You also need to check whether there is any leakage or not in your taps. Also, give attention to these hidden dangers before you buy  house in Kerala

17. Try to Reduce Consumption in Peak Hours:

During the peak hours, try to stay away from using high load systems like a washing machine, grinder, water pump etc. The duration of peak hours is in between the morning 10.00 AM to the evening at 7.00 PM.

Energy consumption is high during these peak hours and thus, the voltage can be reduced if you run all these items during this time. Moreover, this will also enhance your electricity bill rapidly.

These are some ways which will help you to reduce your electricity bills. With the help of the internet, you can get many ideas which will help you to minimize your electricity bills. You can also get some tips for how to save money for an apartment.

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