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    Kitchen is one of the important place in your home , Right? It is actually the center , which ties up the family together. If your kitchen is small then there are many ways you can expand capacity or serviceable room in your kitchen.

    Little kitchen spaces can be hard to keep sorted out, yet don’t let a confined space get you down. These capacity thoughts will assist you with boosting space and make a superior kitchen.

    With a little creativity you could transform your kitchen into a work of art with clever tricks and small apartment kitchen storage ideas.  This post is exactly going to teach you just that. Get some old house renovation ideas.

    Here are fourteen small apartment kitchen storage ideas to easily make more space in your kitchen, without squeezing out all your brain’s energy. Get some ideas on Modern Kitchen in Kerala.

    1. Use Pegboard / Renovate Cabinets into Power Cabinets

    Your walls can hang more than you think. Mount a wood pegboard and hang all your utensils that you can possibly fit onto it.
    Add stackable shelves or closet racks to the cabinets to make better use of it.
    Use under shelf baskets.
    Never forget about the space just above the cabinets. Stash extra stuff up there using baskets. (Probably the ones that you wouldn’t use immediately)

    2. Working Lid Racks

    Cookware lids are quite challenging to store, apart from the fact that they are noisy. The sound of a dropping lid is the last thing you or your guests want to listen to, and they even crack open your lovely kitchen tiles! That’s why you have to use the Lid racks that will certainly give you much space and peace. Also read some smart home devices for apartments.

    3. Cutting Board Rack

    Cutting Board Rack

    Cutting boards are the second most perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, just right after the dish washing sponge. That’s why it is crucial and healthy to store your kitchen cutting boards using this way, where you make a rack exclusively for them anywhere, behind kitchen or cabinet doors.

    Now, hang them on these and the boards are neat and safe. You can also find here the top 10 clever Interior Decoration ideas to transform your home.

    4. Kitchen Sink Storage 

    Sink storage spaces can just not be missed when you have to hit apartment kitchen storage ideas. Space below the sink can be mostly made good use to store cleaning material like kitchen towel, brushes, acids, liquid, detergent so on and so forth.

    If you an extended counter adjacent to the sink, you probably draining racks where you can keep washed utensils and items there. Forks, knives and plates are another space craving things once you have washed them.

    Just make some wooden trays and fit them below the kitchen sink saves space, money and time. Forks, knives and plates are another space craving things once you have washed them. Or you can just make some wooden trays and fit them below the kitchen sink saves space, money and time.

    5. Attractive Spice Rack

    Store all your kitchen ingredients and spices which you use frequently using some arty ideas. It is easy just fit circular transparent boxes onto cabinet doors using magnetic strips. Then fill them up with all the spices and other food stuff.

    It is easier this way to find and use everything while cooking. Saves time and space and ‘spices’ big time!

    6. Sleek Kitchen Counters

    Sleek Kitchen Counters

    Kitchen counters are the very first places which get cluttered with many unnecessary utensils, ingredients and tools. Don’t you want more space while preparing pizza and cookie dough? The entire kitchen will look more spacious and airy.

    All you need to do is add a neat row of metal shelves to make use of the space below the cabinet. This shelve must be movable and presto, you have a space creating temporary shelf. Checkout some things to check before buying a flat.

    7. Contemporary Pantry Shelves

    Pantry shelf, rings any bell? Well many now have a wide misconceptions concerning pantry shelves, like they are for old-fashioned and not really useful, thus being dispensable for a futuristic kitchen.

    The truth is that you could give your current pantry a contemporary makeover to fit in with the latest trends.

    8. Organize Your Kitchen Drawer

    You have ten drawers but yet you don’t have any space left, really? Then organize your drawers effectively by grouping stuff. Keep things separately in special trays or bags to bring some room and speed into your daily kitchen work. Again use the printables to label everything. There are some low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

    9. Multitasking Kitchen Hanger

    Multitasking Kitchen Hanger

    Just make a wooden frame with neat equal spaces and nail it to the wall. Use this frame to hang smaller things like clocks, spoons, egg beaters, mashers, cheese graters, knives, tiny cups, lamps and even gloves. This will save space in a jiffy!

    10. Plate Rack Storage

    Now, you must answer quickly? How many plates did you break last year due to your kitchens inadequate space? If the answer is one or more then, build a small plate rack stand or purchase one online to nail it to your kitchen wall or window easily. All your plates are now safe from falling. Also read some tips to setup an eco-friendly apartment. 

    11. Pantry In Order

    Make the most out of your space by arranging your storeroom staples and other dry products. Keep a pivot of your oats, dry merchandise, and flavors, so you’re not adding mess to your racks with lapsed things.

    Use the pantry door by attaching the multitasking frame that we saw earlier. In each pantry drawer and corner categorize each food item in separate trays to bring order. Label the trays for extra kicks! Pantry is now neat and organized. Remix it with some dash of colours for more fun.

    12. Best Use Kitchen Cabinets

    Best Use Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen storage cabinets are absolutely the most important objects of furniture in your little kitchen. Give them your special treatment! Paint them in neat colours and stack everything in order. 

    Adjusting your cabinet to fill in as an adaptable space is an advantageous across the board arrangement. Pull-out drawers and racks permit you to pack the entirety of your things.

    Use the tips from our first idea in this list. Store your kitchen rugs, table cloths and linens in easy shallow sliding draws. Use every nook and corner to store something. There are the best apartment decorating ideas here.

    13. Renovated Containers For Your Spoons And Forks!

    When managing space all these tiny bits and pieces come in the way to accommodate them. A good deal of research on apartment kitchen ideas will help you out. For Forks, knives, spoons and  ladders, you can either make use of any big sized empty containers to put them in. you can also read the tips for choosing the right furniture for your home.

    14. Free Printables For Storage Jars

    Bugged of finding the same old dry sugar, spice and salt jars? If yes, then use this unique method of printables for storage jars which is popular among kitchen storage ideas. This makes them more trendy and findable, reviving your little kitchen into a special area where you would love to spend more time! 

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