Tips for Growing and Maintaining a Terrace Garden Apartments in Kerala

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In the hustle bustle of the congested city life, the nature lovers feel lost without their cherished greens. Kerala is one astonishingly beautiful city different from all and is known for its greenery and a heavenly natural environment. Every person in Kerala is a nature enthusiast in himself. It becomes absolutely impossible to live in a place without your own garden if you hail from Kerala. There are a number of terrace gardens in Kerala found across the length of the city. This concept has turned into an even compact idea of apartment gardening. There are many terrace garden ideas that can be employed in apartments and grow a stunning, lush green garden.

It is a big misconception that terrace gardens are a costly affair. But the real deal is to follow the terrace garden design tips and tricks mentioned below and create your dream terrace garden in  apartments in Thrissur.

1. The Plants

The first and most important decision are the plants that are to be grown. Most people do the mistake of seeding expensive plants from outside the state or even country. It is then very difficult for the plants to survive in the local conditions and they die sooner because they are unable to adapt. Also, terrace gardens in apartments require a completely different category of plants.

The Plants

Experts suggest in their terrace garden ideas that vegetable plants like tomato, radish, capsicum and herbs like basil, mint, and green chilly can be efficiently grown in terraced gardens. It is also recommended to choose the plants according to the apartments and climatic conditions. Also read Apartment decorating ideas.

2. Set up Comfortable Seating

In case you are setting off to the difficulty of making and keeping up an overhang terrace garden in Kerala apartments, give yourself a space to sit and make the most of your craftsmanship. An open-air couch or even a couple of cheap and fun plastic seats will be a great expansion to any overhang garden.

3. Check the Weight-Bearing Limit of  Your Terrace Garden Overhang

Before you begin purchasing overwhelming, solid pots and huge cultivating compartments, you should ensure your terrace can deal with the weight. On the off chance that you can stroll on it, it’s most likely sufficiently able to hold an essential overhang terrace garden in apartments -however, you should check with your body corporate or landowner before doing anything broad.

4. Utilize Your Planting Gear as Decorator Things

Capacity can be an issue on little overhangs, so ensure your cultivating hardware is appealing so it tends to be kept in plain view. Metal watering jars look incredible showed among pruned plants and little spades, while scissors and shower water containers can look awesome mounted on a pegboard on the divider.

5. Location

When living in apartments, you cannot grow plants wherever you like. Maintaining a group of plants can be hard and you would not like your family or the building get irritated by your terrace garden. Therefore, a very significant tip is to first decide the amount and location of the space for your terrace garden.

Going by the nutrition requirements of the plants, a minimum of 3-4 hours of direct sunlight is necessary. You have to make sure that the area has a drainage facility nearby since there would be a lot of watering and leaking. Plus, if the location is nearer to a balcony where the rainwater can easily supplement the plants with water, then it is better. These also become some important factors in deciding your terrace garden location. You can also check out here the things to consider before buying an apartments in Kerala.

6. Utilize the Vertical Space

Utilize the Vertical Space

Once you get started with your terrace garden, you will feel the desire to grow more and more of it. The expansion would be tough if the entire space is filled.

One great terrace garden idea for this problem is the optimum utilization of the vertical space in your garden. The walls can be covered with hanging pots, shelves and hang planters. This idea will give you the required space and also help you in enhancing your garden’s beauty. A beautiful garden ultimately augments your apartment’s beauty. Get some apartment balcony ideas.

7. The Containers

Since plants cannot be seeded into the ground in a terrace garden, there is the basic need for strong and beautiful containers in your apartment. There are two factors to be taken into consideration while choosing the containers:

1. The plant which has to be grown in it.

2. The space that is available to keep it.

The first factor is vital because there are many plants like chilly that require very little space and there are their counterparts like capsicum that need large spaces. Therefore, the choice of the container’s size depends on firstly upon the choice of the plants.

The second factor is also imperative. Since apartment buildings have a packed structure, the amount of space available will help you decide the type and size of the containers to be bought. Window boxes, for instance, are very convenient for apartments. Terrace garden ideas also suggest terracotta pots as well as wooden containers with elegance and attraction. Checkout Low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

8. Seeds and Soils

Seeds and Soils

The fundamental elements to keep the plant alive and blooming are seeds, soil, and water. The right type of seeds lay the right foundation for every plant and its growth. It is suggested to buy quality seeds from nurseries or certified sellers. If the seeding is not done right then your entire hard work will go in vain. Therefore, the first step should be executed properly.

The next element is the soil. The terrace gardens also require the correct soil type and quantity since they obtain their entire nutrition from the container itself. The right type of soil according to the moist climate of Kerala is to be chosen. A good mix of regular soil, compost and vermicompost soil will help the plants gain maximum possible nutrition. There are some eco-friendly apartment ideas for you.

9. Watering

Watering is another vital part of the process. It is a major issue to be taken care of. Watering plants in containers can tricky and irritating if you have no idea about how to water plants.

Terrace garden in Kerala apartments means a lot of watering and leaking. You have to make sure that the plants are not watered in excess, neither left thirsty. Both too frequent and infrequent watering is unfavorable for the plants. It has to be a midway and you have to make sure that the water reaches deep down and soaks out of the holes below.

One of the best times to water is at the outset of the day. The evening is considered to a bad time since the water doesn’t dry out and moisture gives birth to pests and insects. Also, try to avoid the leaking of water by putting plastic plates under each container. This will help you keep your garden neat as well as water – friendly. Checkout the benefits of investing in apartments in Thrissur.

10. Manure


Terrace gardens are a perfect example of using bio manure instead of fertilizers. Most people in Kerala prefer to make their own fertilizers with natural waste because the chemical fertilizers are harmful not just for the environment but also for the residing people. Therefore, organic manure is the best option to go for.

Terrace garden ideas recommend creating your own bio manure by collecting the skins of fruits, vegetables, now – vegan leftovers and mixing it with curd. This mixture can be put into a pit, also known as compost pit and that’s how easily you can make your organic manure. One other option is to make a solution of water and neem leaves and use this solution to water the plants. 

11. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

The principle of the 3Rs can be highly valuable for your terrace garden design. Recycling old sandboxes to grow plants in them is one of the best ways to go.

It is a wallet – friendly measure for decorating your apartment. Reusing unused steel jars and containers with little renovation is another means of embellishing your garden in eco – friendly ways.

It is a loud and clear message that chemical insecticides and fertilizers are harmful to the environment. Therefore, reducing the use of such chemicals will help your apartment grow green in ideal ways. Also read the advantages of living in an apartment.

Kerala is regarded as the heaven of India because of the comforting greenery it is adorned with. Terrace garden ideas have been taken to the next level with their advent in the apartments of nature and plant lovers. The entire procedure requires earnest efforts and time. It can also prove to be disappointing if not taken care of properly. Complete care and caution have to be taken while buying the seeds, soils, and containers. But the tips and tricks provided in this article can be efficiently utilized for beautifying your  terrace garden apartments. 

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