Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

15 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms On A Budget

Posted By hilife_admin On Sat, Jun 30, 2018

Are you planning to organise your bedroom? Are you puzzled how to stuff all your essentials within a small bedroom? We will help you out with storage ideas of small bedrooms within budget. Nowadays due to budget constraint, people are buying or hiring small apartments. It can be single or maximum 2 BHK for their living. The storage ideas for small spaces on a budget can be successful via using space-saving and clever furniture that can accessorise small spaces.

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Now let’s check out 15 clever storage ideas for small bedroom on a budget.

1. Mounted rack

mounted rack

Wall mounted racks can be of various sizes based on your wall in your bedroom. You can get a good wall mounted rack for organizing your books, notebooks, important documents, lamp etc. Make sure you to have wall mounted racks from below the ceiling. The first one or two racks can be used as storage unit for your winter or summer clothes that you rarely use. You can also keep your electronic items such as laptop, mobile and portable sound system etc, in the racks.

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 2. Small yet Spacious and Compact Bed

Choose a compact bed, which has a hydraulic slider and it must be a box or a Divan bed so that you can store your bed essentials, pillows, blankets and quilts inside it. You can also space your empty luggage bags, etc essentials that are not required for regular use. Make sure your bed frames must have drawers.

3. Put a headboard over your bed for storage

Put a headboard over your bed so that you can keep your small essentials that can be easy accessible. This is one of the clever storage ideas for small bedroom so that you can have a compact bed which you can set in any corner.

4. Use a Laundry Hanger

Set a laundry hanger at the back of your bedroom door, so that you save space from the floor area. This will help to keep your used clothes hidden from eyes and will help you to declutter your room.

5. Use a Wall Mounted Full Length Mirror with a Side Wall Mounted covered storage unit

mounted full length mirror

No need of dressing table, use a wall mounted full length mirror that will help you have your makeup done. For storing your makeup, jewellery and other essentials, use a wall mounted covered storage unit at the side. This is one of the best unique ideas for small spaces.

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6. Canvas Bags for Storing Clothes

Nowadays you can get totes or canvas bags for storing clothes. Storing clothes separately based on occasion wear, office wear, casual wear, you can definitely save your time that you waste while hurdling to find your clothes. Make sure you put tags on canvas bags for easy remembrance. This will also help you keep your clothes in well shape.

7. Mounted Hanger at the Backside of  Your Bedroom Door

Hang a wall mounted hanger at the back of your bedroom door to hang your used clothes, this will help you to hide you used clothes from people entering the room.

8. Put Hanger Inside Your Closet     

Hang a hanger inside your closet that will help you to hang your tie, scarfs and stoles and will keep it sorted.

9. Window Seat with Storage Cabinets in it

Add a window seat or diwan type of furniture near your window to have the best sitting area during your leisure time, put some amazing cushions on it. Storage unit under the diwan will help you to store some of the other essential articles.

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10. Fold Down Desk

fold down desk

You must be looking for where to place your study table or desk. No worries. Plan for some wall mounted or fold down desk. Nowadays folding items are very much in demand due to space constraint. Get a fold-down desk for easy access whenever you require it, rest of the time keep it mounted or folded.

11. Put Some Hooks in Your Room

Hooks will help you to hang your bags. This will help you to keep your office bag and messenger bags or sling bags remain in one place. It even becomes easy for you to choose.

12. Wall Mounted Iron Table

You need to iron your clothes regularly. Get wall mounted iron table, which you can slide down ones you will use it. Store the iron nearby in any closet.

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13. Use Hangers Inside Your Cupboard

Hangers help you to keep your clothes in such a way so that you can choose it when you are in hurry. It keeps your clothes sorted, and in good pleats. Hangers even help you to have a quick display of all your clothes.

14. Opt for a Wall Mounted TV Storage Unit

Wall mounted TV unit are in fashion as it saves space. Wall mount your Led TV and in that unit, you get space to store your set top box, music system. Make sure your wall mount to TV unit on the opposite wall of your bed and sitting area so that you can have a great view.

15. Hanging Plant Pots

hanging plant pots

Your bedroom needs some good amount of oxygen and fresh air. Get some good plants that purify your air. But now where to keep? Don’t worry. Nowadays you can get beautiful hanging pots that make your room look amazing, just hang them near the window side to get fresh air.

Nowadays even bachelors are preferring single BHK or studio apartments, in that case in the same room you need to arrange for kitchen essentials too. In that case, you can set a table counter at the side of the wall with some mounted closets. Mounted closets will help you to store your grains, masalas, and other food essentials.

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The counter top can be used to keep your oven and microwave. You need to set a fridge on the side of your kitchen to store further raw food items or veggies. You can set a wall mounted or folded dining table that comes with desks along with it. These are the latest furniture that is specially modelled to sort your space.

These simple storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget helps you to store maximum articles and essentials within a small space. Places like India, China, US, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan Russia, Mexico, Bangladesh, where the population is growing day by day, you need to plan for unique storage ideas for small bedrooms that will help you to store your maximum usable articles.

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15 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms On A Budget

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