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    Having a beautiful home is a dream that every person on the face of earth has. Some succeed in achieving that dream and some have to be deprived of this pleasure. What an own home can offer, the rented properties can never do. However, along with exterior structure of the property, what matters equally is the interior design. Some have the financial stability of hiring the professionals, to do the interior design and décor of the property. Some are not so blessed and have to rely on their own ideas to do the same.

    If you belong to the second category or even want to hire a professional interior designer and decorator, but guide him/her about how you want the property to look like, here are the latest interior design trends 2018 that you can follow. Some are elaborate and some are simple and pocket-friendly. Follow these simple rules and you will be able to transform the look of your property.

    1. Earthen charms:


    Earthen colours, soothing and calming backdrop and floor, are very much in trend this year. In a country like India, where the temperature stays quite high in most part of the year, earthen colours and materials would provide a soothing and calming effect to the eyes.

    The colours that are trending in home decor 2018 are terracotta, cinnamon, rust, sand, ochre etc. Using wooden floors and dark olive green walls is a great example of adding earthen charm to the interior.

     2. Watercolour walls:

    You might wonder how watercolours can be used in painting the wall. However, it is not the watercolour that would be used to paint the wall, but the interior design trends for 2018 has welcomed the pattern of watercolour on the walls.

    The random mixture of watercolours as on the drawing paper, or how the colours swirl in water or in other mediums, are being used to paint the wall. It is a great abstract way of painting the wall that would be useful in bringing a new element to the room.

    3. Metallic hue:


    A very prominent interior design trends 2018 is to use metallic hue in the interior decor. Super shiny and high-glossy metallic frames can be used as the window or door frames. Even table tops, cook tops and metallic appliances and equipment are very much in trend this year, eliminating the use of traditional appliances.

    4. Blue is the new black:

    One colour that will be persistently seen in almost every best modern house designs is blue. Blue velvety upholstery, armchairs, sofas and even ceramic home decor elements are being used all over the interior decor industry. 

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    Even in the wall colour, any shade of blue is very much in trend. Navy blue, baby blue, powdery blue and sky blue, blue can give you so many shades that you will be amazed to find them all pleasing and suitable. The best part is that they do not look monotonous like most other colours on the wall. That is what makes blue so much loved and popular amongst interior designers and decorators in this year. Blue is not boring, just as blacks never are. But, what makes blues even more appealing as one of the top interior design trends 2018 is that it doesn’t make a room look smaller as black might do in some cases.

    5. Tropical prints:


    What the top interior designers and home decor item brands are using vastly are tropical prints. These tropical prints are very vibrant and colourful and have always been loved by the users. The year 2018 will be a year for tropical prints in upholstery, bed linens, curtains etc. If you want to transform the interior of your existing property and give a trendy makeover, suiting the trends of 2018, you can use cushion covers that have the tropical prints. Change the curtains and bring new ones with colourful floral, birdy or leafy tropical prints. The best part is, these simple transformational changes aren’t expensive at all.

    6. Mixed Textures:

    One of the most interesting 2018 interior design trends is the use of mixed textures. There are different kinds of materials that are being mixed and matched for the interior design and decor. If you have a leather covered sofa, you can use woollen cushions to add to the textural variety. If the textural variety comes in weaving, it would be an even better choice for the decoration purpose.

    To combine both these last mentioned trends, mixed textures and mixed prints are very much trending this year. If you are not very much into the tropical prints or are confused about the fabrics that have a mixed texture, the mixed prints are a great alternative to escape the confusion.  Bed sheets with mixed block prints or weavings, a comforter that has mixed prints or even a bedside sofa that is covered in mixed printed fabric and upholstery is a great idea of staying trendy.

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    7. Geometric is the new tradition:

     Geometric is the new tradition

    Geometric patterns are considered as synonymous with modernism. Using triangular, cubic and conical shaped art, artefacts, decor and decorative elements is one of the latest interior design trends.

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    Instead of the traditional curvy flower vases, you can choose a rectangular or even a cylindrical one as the centre of attraction for your dining table. The photo frames or show piece in the drawing room can be replaced with geometrical shaped show pieces. They would add to the essence of modernism.

    8. Cover it with velvet:

    In the year 2018, one fabric that you would get to see everywhere is velvet. Velvet is being re-introduced to the globe since the beginning of this year and it has been greatly welcomed by the interior designing and decor industry, to be used in upholstery, carpet or floor runners and cushion covers or anything else that you can probably think of.

    One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that while choosing velvet covered sofa, making sure it incorporates designs like large sized buttons, stitches and pleats. These add to the beauty of the furniture and these simple additions can make your home decor trendy.

    9. Stay subtle and sober – go black and white:

    Stay subtle and sober .png

    One trend that hasn’t changed even in this year is the use of black and white. This universal combination has been there into use for quite some time and even in the year 2018, it seems to stay unaltered. A white wall with a black sofa or even better, a white sofa and grey, black and white cushions, floor runners, rugs etc. can never go wrong. If you are thinking of an interior decor that would not go out of style even in the coming years, you can go with these home decor trends 2018.

    10. Faux is the new real:

    In all the previous years, one thing that has persistently disturbed the interior designers and decorators is the extremely high price of the original or real materials. Real marble flooring, wooden flooring and leather upholstery etc. have been extremely expensive and that has eliminated them from the latest home designs and trends. However, the faux or duplicate materials have made it extremely affordable to go trendy.

    Moreover, the real wooden floors have the problem of losing their lustre and polish with prolonged usage. Even the marble floors demand a polish now and then. The leather upholstery is so expensive that changing them becomes a nightmare. The faux materials are a great trend and you can certainly choose them instead of the real ones.

    11. Minimalistic kitchen decor:

    Minimalistic kitchen decor

    Gone are the days, when kitchens used to have so many shelves, cupboards and appliances stacked up on the kitchen cook top or prep section. Now the latest interior design trends demand minimalistic kitchen decor. Go with lesser number of shelves and have a uniform colour theme that will not make the kitchen look clumsy. This simple kitchen design is simple and very modern. Also take a look to latest pooja room designs in kerala

    12. Woven furniture in bedroom

    Latest interior design trends in 2018 will never be complete unless we consider natural textures. The presence of rattan pieces in the bedroom is truly making waves of trends. Rattan is durable and lightweight and is the apt material for baskets and furniture. The handwoven bed with a combination of rattan stems in various thicknesses with a simple shape perfectly demonstrates how a retro look can give a modern feel along with a foot board and a headboard that cover around the mattress edge.


    Now that you have learnt about the latest interior design trends 2018, it will be easier for you to go with the one that will be most suitable for you. However, while following these tips, always keep in mind that the trends may come and go, but you might not be able to transform them every year. Hence, going with inexpensive decor and interior design ideas is always the best choice. It will not be difficult to get rid of them and come up with a new design idea suiting the trends of the next year, if you really want to stay trendy.

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