Top Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Top 12 Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

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Some apartments have small bathrooms. These bathrooms can store towels and soaps. However, they look cramped and dingy. In this post, we will see all the interesting apartment bathroom ideas to bring space into the bathroom.

How to Decorate Apartment Bathroom

1. Maintain Simplicity & Utilize the Floors

Maintain Simplicity & Utilize the Floors

Try using a simple shade throughout the bathroom. Then add a bright colored small chair. This addition will create a feeling of a big space in the small bathroom. The minimalist method will not need high amounts of cash. Read along for some great small apartment bathroom ideas.

Enlarge the volume of the room by strategic placements. Place wire basket below the sinks. This way you include the necessary art plus trendiness into the small bathroom. Besides you can add towels and clothes into the wire trays. You save space. Also, read some apartment lighting ideas.

2. Modernize the Sconce & Correct Painting Work

Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Take away the shade of the sconce. It brings light and space into the bathroom. Add a trendy open shelf as opposed to using the cabinets. This arrangement will carry extra stuff and soaps to complete such apartment bathroom decorating ideas. Also, read some house renovation ideas.

3. Bring Style Via the Shiplap & Get the Perfect Place

Paint the shiplap with a matching color of the mirror. For instance, if the mirror has off-white borders then paint the shiplap with bright white. Include low costing crystal sconces which have a nickel-based arm.

Place the mirror in the correct place. For example, you can add an art piece opposite to the mirror. You must place it in such a way that when you open the door you can see the reflection of the art piece in the mirror. In this method, the bathroom looks Chic.

4. Improvise the Shapes & Enter the Great Chair

You can add low-cost white tile on the floor. In this approach, you don’t use much cash and you also bring more light and volume to the bathroom. Also, add hooks for towel holders. These hooks don’t need much space at all.

Place a transparent plastic chair in the bathroom. You can store towels on it. It will impart an elegant style and also save more space. The chair can be used both for sitting and storing clothes.

5. Improve the Mirror & Get Smarter Via Knobs

Improve the use of mirrors. You can add extra mirrors above the usual mirror. Here the mirror adds glamour and more space into the small bathroom. Below you will find more apartment bathroom decor ideas.

Sometimes you can add no-cost art pieces to the wall. These can be old or new which you got free but you stored it away. Well, now is the time to use them. Then, add trendy knobs to the cabinets and doors. The knobs must match the colors of the walls. For example, add aquamarine knobs in the bathroom with similar walls. Consider some summer decorating ideas for the living room.

6. Magic with Art & Match Hues of Rooms

Magic with Art & Match Hues of Rooms

Get two pieces of low-cost artwork. In this method get a pair or the same copy of one work. Place one piece above the other in the upside-down position. Here the art looks stylish and brings illusion. This art will also cover any unsightly wall space.

You can match the hues of the bathroom with the adjoint bedroom. Use the highlight color of the bedroom in any place in the bathroom. For instance, add matching colored circular rings inside a mirror. The rings will bring a bolder look. Now the bedroom and bathroom will look connected.

7. Utilize Each Corner & Borders On Mirrors

Some bathrooms have storage spaces behind walls. Here you can place shelves to store towels and other toiletries. Usually, we abandon those corners and let dust accumulate in them. To deal with this issue you can shelves, hooks, and a towel bar in that extra space.

Add a border on the inside of the mirror. You can add stencils, too. Through this technique, the mirror gets a vibrant touch. Such a method is useful in a room that you have rented where you can’t replace the bathroom mirrors. Read the whole post for more bathroom decorating ideas apartment’s style. Check out the low-cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

8. Plant A Duplicate Rug & Genius Tip with Antique Pieces

When you redo the floor tiles add this design. Here the design can have a Faux rug. This method will not cost any extra cash. You can complete it during the flooring work at the same cost. Such brilliance will multiply the style quotient of the bathroom.

Antique art and containers add exciting intelligence to any room. Use forgotten antique art and containers as an addition to the bathroom. These old things can be fish baskets and fishing rods. Through this technique, you bring a story into the otherwise boring bathroom. A story can bring peace into your mind.

9. Faux Acrylic Cabinets

Bring fake acrylic cabinets by painting the cabinets with high gloss paints. Here you must paint them alternatively with white and black colors in gloss. This paint will give the high-class high-cost acrylic look at low costs!

You can include a wooden or plywood shelf right above the bathtub. This shelf can help you to store towels. You can store candles, soaps and toilet paper, too. This tip will teach you how to decorate apartment bathroom units. Also, check out some of the acrylics sinks bathtubs.

10. Monochromatic Statements & Intelligent Tweaks

White is a great color. You can use off-white paint on not just one part but all parts of the bathroom. Paint each part of the bathroom off-white to bring more space. For example paint the wall, trims, and the ceiling off-white. The same shade will bring calmness in the bathroom.

You can use the cabinet as an art piece. Add glass-like pendants to the cabinet. This step will cost you very less and it will bring more substance to the bathroom. You can try to add horizontal-angled shelves to place toiletries.

11. Glitzy Towel Holders & Collection For the Wall

Add glitzy towel holders that are hooks and grabbers. Don’t use towel bars that take more space. These hooks and grabbers take less space and add an element of surprise. Where else will you find such genius apt bathroom decorating ideas?

Collect antique items that go with bathrooms or beaches. For instance, make a wall shelf cabinet with a glass cover. Inside place shells, antique soaps, brushes, and bath items. The history in the wall collection will bring interest and body. Don’t forget to paint the cabinets back with dark paint. The dark paint will highlight the items.

12. Multiply Style with Mirror & Improve the Entry

Mirrors amplify or multiply the pattern that is already there. Through such a step you will expand the volume of the bathroom. The entry path can be decorated with art that matches the master bedroom. It adds completion to the whole space. Also, check out the apartment checklist.


Hoping you read the whole post to get useful apartment bathroom ideas. We have collected all possible ideas to enhance the look of your bathroom.

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