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    The apartment plumbing problems can erupt more often when compared with single houses. And the totality of higher usage of the pipes across many years.

    Let us learn about some of the most common apartment plumbing issues. Alongside we will learn how to fix those apartment plumbing problems. Finally, you also need to see that such problems don’t happen again. Also, read some benefits of investing in apartments.

    Apartment Building Plumbing Problems

    1. Blocked Toilet

    Blocked Toilet

    You must have heard of such apartment building plumbing problems all the time. Such clogging happens due to several causes. One such cause is the addition of papers along with similar stuff into draining pipes. Sometimes the pipe itself is cracked creating a disruption.

    Such situations grow as a heap of blockage into the pipes creating plumbing issues in apartment sites.

    The sad part is that along with the first apartment that gets hit with this heap, even the neighboring apartment also starts creating heaps of messy stuff.

    If the issue is near the toilet then use a plunger. Push the plunger consistently inside the toilet. See if this action is removing the blockage from the toilet. Use a drain snake to push out the blockage from the toilet. This snake can disintegrate the blockage into smaller parts.

    Next, if all the above actions don’t give any results then approach an expert plumber.

    You may require help from such an expert who knows how to fix plumbing problems. Also, read some of the advantages of living in an apartment.

    2. Blocked Drain

    Other apartment plumbing problems come in many types.

    Blockages in the sink are usually created by unwanted stuff heaping inside pipes.

    When oily wastes from the kitchen and similar stuff heap up in pipes, then the drain has no way to properly function. Similarly, in showering rooms, the dead skin cells, bathing bar particles, the hair will heap up and block the drain.

    Use drain cleaning powders or liquids that are available in the market. Such chemicals will dissolve the heaped block and break into tiny parts. Such a mixture can give great results. Likewise, using a plunger in the draining line can correctly disintegrate the block into smaller parts. Check if the plunger is the one that fits the sink drain as opposed to the toilet pipe.

    3. Leaking Faucets


    A small leak in the faucet can drive home to lose liters of water each day. Plus this wastage causes higher water bills and you waste such pure natural resources. Besides, when you ignore the leak the water will seep into your home’s walls and concrete.

    This process can create cracks and further destruct the floor walls, even priceless cabinets with precious clothes, costly, valuable items. You will find them all getting damaged.

    You can fix a minor issue by using force to get a tight connection.

    Then you can also add thread like tapes on the leak to block the water from traveling to the defective area.

    Monitor the water bill. Do you witness strange water not working in apartment issues or an increase in the bill lately? Are you buying more water from outside as opposed to the previous year? If the answer is yes, then, it means there is a leak somewhere and that is causing all the available water to flow away from the tanks.

    Even the pipes below the ground can have leaks, Such times you must call an expert plumber to solve the issue. Check out how to save water in apartments.

    4. Broken Pipes

    Broken pipes that carry freshwater means you must be ready to lose money.

    Once the cracks start pouring water from the tank then you will start buying extra water from outside.

    Broken pipes can also cause other damages as we have mentioned above.

    You will lose a lot of cash trying to buy water. Fix these breaks by stopping the water supplying pipe from the tank.

    Then call a plumber to add concrete or similar sealing material over the cracks. Once the material is set, dry, and gets solid then you can use the pipes as usual.

    5. Plants Growing into Pipes

    Sometimes we ignore a creeper or a root that is seen alongside pipes. Such creepers and roots can grow into the pipes and cause disruption. The block can even break the pipes causing a loss of liters of water. It can also cause mini floods in your sitting rooms and any other room.

    Either remove the plant or root by using professional help or by yourself. Then check if any other pipes have similar situations. If yes then remove all the unwanted living stuff from the pipes wherever they are. Also, read about terrace Garden Apartments in Kerala

    6. Animals inside Pipes

    In rare cases, rats or mice? can travel inside pipes and cause blocks by adding nesting materials, or they get blocked by their bodies.

    These blocks can cause water to not flow into the taps. Besides, if the animal dies then it will add fouls smelling water into your coffee and juices.

    In some other cases, the pipe can even break and create small floods in the bedrooms or any other room.

    In such cases call an expert wildlife protection unit and request them to remove the animal. It can be other animals, too. Since animals can bite and can be dangerous you should leave that sort of work with the expert.

    7. Poor Quality Pipes

    Poor Quality Pipes

    Quite often we are duped and up-fitting faulty pipes.

    These pipes may either have defects or can have poor materials in them. In such cases, the pipes can expand, reduce, or break up. Such pipes can cause blockages that can be deceptive.

    You only find out about it after some days. Please inspect all the pipes in the apartment. If any such faulty pipes are found kindly replace them with a higher quality pipe to avoid plumbing issues.

    8. Showerhead Blocked or Leaking

    This is another common issue in most apartments.

    The mineral deposits from the water accumulate and fill up the shower heads’ holes. Then water cannot pass these showerheads. In such cases remove the faulty showerhead and replace them with new ones. Or you can place the showerhead in warm vinegar plus water and lemon juice solution. Sometimes the mineral deposit might disintegrate and come away.


    Hence you can see how dangerous it is to ignore your plumber. An expert plumber can fix the plumbing issues in no time. Instead of wasting a lot of money after the issue has aggravated to a higher level, you can fix these issues when they are small.

    Hoping you got an idea about fixing common plumbing issues. Jobs like using a plunger can be done by anyone. Don’t waste any more time. Rectify any plumbing work that is pending on your apartment now.

    We wanted to bring to your notice the most common plumbing problems and solutions. The builders in Thrissur are dedicated to solving such issues. If you have apartments in Thrissur then give your comments or contact us.

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