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DIY Adorable Ideas For Kids Room

Posted By hilife_admin On Fri, Nov 16, 2018

Kids’ room is one of the most interesting and important parts of the house. This is where your kids will spend most of their time and therefore, it should be decorated beautifully. The atmosphere and ambience of the kids’ room should be cosy. Since kids are always attracted to colours, the room must be colourful as well. Most of them also like to get the best low-cost interior design for homes in Kerala to make it more attractive.

However, rather than having the kids’ room decorated by a professional room designer or decorator, it is always a good idea that you choose some DIY projects or do it yourself decorating ideas for the kids’ room. This gives you the opportunity to spend time with the kids and the kids also get to create a strong bond with the family. The best part is that DIY projects always help your kids to become creative. It improves their imagination power. But, for that, you need a lot of creative ideas.

If you live in a small apartment and are looking for kids bedroom ideas on a budget, here are a few ideas that will help you to decide what is best for your kid’s room. These are all extremely easy and simple to make. They require very few raw materials that are easily available in and around your house. Most of that can be made from scratch.

1. Wooden Branch for Hanging Curtains:

Wooden Branch for Hanging Curtains

Unusual and interesting things always attract the kids. Therefore, the more interesting elements you add to your kids’ room, the more your kids will be happy. One such thing is to paint a wooden branch and hang it on top of your window. You can hang your curtains on this branch.

In this case, it must be made assured that the wooden branch is curvy and has a lot of mini bends and sub-branches. It will make the branch look more beautiful. Choose a colour that will match the colour of your kids’ room. This is something very simple and you can enjoy painting the branch with your kid.

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2. Kids’ Paintings in Frames:

Often, parents worry about how they will get rid of the various artworks that the kids do on the walls. Sometimes they put paint on their hands and put the handprint on the walls. Sometimes they take crayons and draw various things on the walls. But, it is something that you can preserve as a precious moment.

Simply put a frame around those drawings, sketches and paintings. It will be a great way to decorate the walls of your kids’ room.

3. Paint the Walls:

Paint the Walls

Another great way of decorating your kids’ room is to directly paint the walls. You can use all sorts of adorable painting ideas for the walls. This is one of the best kids bedroom ideas on a budget. You can choose any theme that your kid is fond of.

It can be something cute and girly if you have a daughter. It can be painting the space with your kids and put all sorts of planets and stars to make it colourful. Nowadays, you have various kinds of glow stickers as well as radium paints that have their own characteristics and will make the painting look more interesting.

Sometimes, it inspires the kids to a great extent if you paint things associated with a profession that the kids have a desire to become when they grow up. Painting an aeroplane if your kid wants to become a pilot when he or she grows up is one such idea. It can be cute and beautiful. Include clouds and make the plane float amidst. The key is to be creative and make it interesting.

4. Birdhouse Lighting:


Lighting plays an important role in any and every household. When you are looking for lighting ideas for your kids’ room in flats in Thrissur, you can choose DIY lighting ideas as well. One easy and the popular DIY idea is to paint a tree on the walls and place wooden birdhouses on some branches of the wall.

Make the wooden birdhouses all by yourself. Engage your kids in making them. It doesn’t take too much of time. They are easy to make. All that you need is some wooden planks or plywood. Cut them into suitable sizes and shapes and fix them with glue or even bolts and screws, if you wish. Put LED or other lights and arrange them on the walls in such an order as if they are hanging from the branches of the trees.

5. Mushroom Chairs:

Mushroom Chairs

Since adding colours to the kids’ room is the main aim behind decorating this part of the house is, you can use this DIY idea for that. Arrange some wooden logs. They should be thick and can be different heights. Make sure the top and bottom are flat so that they can stand on their own. On one end, you can fix a handmade cushion that will make a seat out of the log.

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The cushion can be covered by red fabric with white polka dots. This will give the impression of a cute mushroom head. This is something that the kids will simply adore, as it gives them the opportunity to live in a room that associates with the fantasy that they believe in.

6. Paper Chandelier:

For any room, the chandelier plays a very interesting role. It can transform a simple room into a great room. It is the major attraction in any room if you have a chandelier.

For the kids’ room, you can make a DIY paper chandelier. Just make a ring that will allow you to hang a lot of elements and give the chandelier a frame or structure to design the rest. Now you can wrap this ring or frame with colourful paper as well as colourful fabric or even wool. Use colourful strings and hang different interesting elements from the chandelier. They can be paintings of your kids. They can be birthday cards or other greeting cards that are precious for you and your kid or it can even be an origami structure or cutwork paper design. Make sure it looks beautiful, it is colourful and all the elements are visible. Collect some of the best apartment kitchen storage ideas.

7. Different Kinds of Trees:

Different Kinds of Trees

The tree is probably the most popular design and frame that offer ample scope and opportunity for the parents to come up with various DIY ideas for their kids’ room in the flats in Thrissur. You can either paint a tree trunk or buy a painting on a canvas and then put various colourful buttons on the branches to make it look like a button tree. Another interesting tree idea is to paint a black or dark brown tree trunk and use the bottom of a soft drink bottle to paint cherry blossom.

8. Origami Art:

If your kid loves origami or if you have interest in origami and want to pass this interest to your kid, start creating different origami structures with him or her. They can be animal structures or flowers or anything that you can or like. Put them on the wall or hang those from a handmade chandelier and it will create a nice cosy atmosphere in the room.


When it comes to DIY adorable ideas for the kids’ room, the options are many. You do not have to worry about the budget as most of these are budget-friendly and can be made out of scratch. No matter whether the builders in Thrissur decorate the rooms on their own or not, you can take charge of that all by yourself. All that you need to make sure is that you go through a lot of options before you start doing your DIY projects. Do not take too much of difficult tasks that require elements and raw materials that are difficult to collect and arrange.

Also, remember that there are no fixed rules as to what will be best suited for your kid’s room. Every child is different and their needs and likings are also different. Keep those in mind and you will be able to come up with interesting ideas. You can always consult with the home designers and decorators and they will be able to guide you with some kids bedroom ideas on a budget. Try to be innovative and creative. That is the key to making any kids’ room look adorable and to make the kids happy.

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