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    Thrissur is renowned as the cultural capital of Kerala, and is also an important financial hub. It’s the centre of gold jewellery manufacturing, and now there is a big push for the IT sector. Additionally, numerous infrastructure projects are being developed. All these factors are attracting qualified professionals and entrepreneurs to the city, fuelling the demand for residential properties in Thrissur. The expectations of people have changed greatly, and the preference is towards luxury apartments, moving away from individual homes. 

    But exactly what makes luxury apartments truly luxurious?

    It is said that a home is a man’s castle – regardless of how small it may be; but today, there is a strong desire for the middle-class also to live like royalty, increasing the demand for luxury flats. There are several factors that make an apartment luxurious. Let’s examine them in detail.


    What Makes Luxury Apartments Truly Luxurious

    Reputed builders in Thrissur always choose the best locations for their projects; desirable residential locations are peaceful, close to essential services like markets and healthcare, have good access to main roads, and are generally safe areas. They are pleasant places which helps you to relax and de-stress.

    How Should the Construction Be?

    If you take a look at the luxury flats in Thrissur, you will notice that such buildings feature robust construction. The best quality steel, cement, and other materials are used, and they follow the latest technologies for construction. The construction team is usually made up of qualified architects, engineers, and other professionals. 

    What is the Ideal Exterior Like?

    What Makes Luxury Apartments Truly Luxurious

    This is one of the most important home buying tips for first time home buyer. Security should be ensured with a strong gate and boundary walls. A cabin near the gate for 24-hour security personnel is desirable. The design of the building should be such that it looks visually appealing. The walls of a luxury apartment building are painted with premium weather-resistant paint so that it doesn’t wear away quickly and retains its look for a long time. The common areas should be well-lit to ensure safety of residents. Ample parking should be available as every family has cars, with some having more than one. Energy-efficient lighting, rainwater harvesting, 24 hour power backup, and incorporating some green spaces are other facilities expected in luxury apartments.

    What Should you Expect Inside the Building?

    A grand entrance lobby with seats and some art work, biometric access and CCTV monitoring, multiple elevators, especially a separate one as a service lift, broad staircases, windows that facilitate ambient light and ventilation, good quality tiles, proper lighting in the corridors and stairs, fire extinguishers in easily accessible places, and so on, are some of the hallmarks of a luxury apartment in Thrissur; of course, not every building needs to have all these things, but most of them.

    How are the Apartment Interiors?

    What Makes Luxury Apartments Truly Luxurious

    Some things expected in premium apartments are spacious, well-laid out rooms with no odd corners, large windows for cross-ventilation, natural light, and panoramic views of the landscape outside, premium quality electrical fixtures and plumbing fittings, putty–finished walls, high quality granite countertops in the kitchen, premium tiles in rooms and bathrooms, high quality main doors with security lock, strong grills on windows, and more. The quality of the fittings, ventilation, etc. are important things to consider before buying apartments. You can also enquire about getting custom finishes if you are booking the apartment at the construction stage. With a good builder, you may be able to get some things tailored to your taste by paying a little extra.

    What are the Amenities Offered?

    Perhaps the single biggest question that most home buyers are interested in! It is the amenities that distinguish a luxury apartment from a normal one, more than any other factor. People today are more discerning and desire an elevated lifestyle. In fact, one of the reasons they prefer to purchase a luxury apartment is the amenities they will get to enjoy. Let’s see what they are:

    • Swimming pool – most buildings have swimming pools these days; but a luxury apartment will have a proper pool, of a good size, and not just for the sake of it. A water filtration plant, space for showering, rooms to change etc. should also be provided.
    • Children’s Play Area – a dedicated space where little kids can run about and play, without worrying about oncoming vehicles, is a desirable factor. Some play equipment and a sandbox complete the space.
    • Party Hall – a space for residents to celebrate small functions like birthdays, engagements, and other get-togethers is very convenient. It can also be used to hold meetings of the residents’ association or conducting hobby classes.
    • Home Theatre – a room with good acoustics, space for a huge screen, and some A/V equipment adds to the luxury of the building. It will be especially beneficial during important sports events, but residents can also enjoy screening movies to watch together.
    • Gym – with the kind of rushed lifestyle most people have today, there is hardly any time to think of their own fitness. Having a gym within their building will motivate them to get a daily workout, making it one of the must-have amenities in Thrissur.
    • Landscaped Garden – this adds to the aesthetics of the place, and gives residents the satisfaction of living in a beautiful space.
    • Games Courts – a half basketball court, tennis court, badminton court, a skating rink, etc. provides opportunities for people to play, learn, and stay fit.
    • EV Charging points – with more people switching to electric vehicles today, providing a dedicated area with charging points for EVs will clearly set the building apart from others.
    • Games Room – for the rainy days, a room for indoor games like table tennis, carom, cards, board games, and more.
    • Sauna/Jacuzzi/Steam room – this is a premium amenity; one of the things you can say that it’s what makes luxury apartments truly luxurious.
    • Concierge/Manager – a person who handles all issues residents may have and arranges for the right help.
    • Separate toilets on all floors for visiting helpers
    • Onsite Cleaning and Maintenance Services – having your cleaning and small plumbing, electrical, carpentry, or masonry repair jobs taken care of is a blessing. Centralized waste collection and disposal means you don’t have to worry about any such stuff.
    • Daycare and Pet Care – for young families where both parents work, getting the right help to care for your children or pets can be tough; having these services within your building can be a huge boon.

    Let’s also revisit some of the amenities we spoke about earlier:

    • Security measures like 24/7 guards, CCTV cameras, biometric access, high boundary walls.
    • Ample parking space for all the cars of the residents, power backup, sufficient number of elevators, etc.

    Beyond this, your creativity and budget will determine how luxurious your own apartment can be. You can tastefully do the interiors with classy furniture, chandeliers and fittings, custom paint jobs, art work, some indoor plants and so on, to create a luxurious feel inside your flat. Read these tips for choosing the right furniture that will allow you to set the tone and the ambience of your apartment.


    We have seen what goes into the making of a luxury apartment. Stunning architecture, superior construction, aesthetic appeal, verdant tranquillity, outstanding interiors, ironclad security, added convenience, and amazing amenities. The very reason that some people choose apartment living is because they can get to experience all these fringe benefits. It is almost impossible for a middle-class family to incorporate all or even most of these amenities into their conventional homes; it’s just a handful who can afford it. But in a luxury apartment building, they can have it all. 

    Having several common amenities offers opportunities for the residents to foster a sense of community living, and you can form strong bonds of friendship with like-minded people.

    Hi-Life Builders is one of the most reputed builders in Thrissur, with several successful projects to their name. Their luxury apartments are highly recommended for anyone looking to experience a whole new way of living. Not only do their projects feature exceptional construction, they are also visually appealing, and they adhere to all the norms and regulations by authorities like RERA and the Housing Ministry.