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    How does it feel when your entrance gate grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and the people around? Isn’t it exciting to get a spectacular finish for your house with modern and simple gate designs?  

    Nowadays, people use spectacular gardens and lawns to make the front gate entrances & premises of homes, apartments and flats in Thrissur stunning. In addition to the security and privacy concerns gates can address, the simple gate design can also fill your home structures with elegance, style and a great match to your dignity.

    The main gate and doors can offer high-end security to your homes. When choosing the ideal main gate designs, you should consider many factors including feasibility, aesthetics, technical considerations and personal preferences.

    This blog considers introducing the handpicked simple gate designs that can suit your requirements with due adherence to the budget considerations.

    Factors to consider before you choose a simple gate design

    Consider the following factors while considering implementing low cost simple main gate design for your homes.

    1. Configuration, size and type of the property

    Make sure the size of the main gate is in proportion to the size of your house. Select the proper dimensions, gate type  and material to be used before you finalize the patterns and gate designs.

    2. Pattern and style

    The designs and patterns of the main gate should offer an impressive quality to your homes. When you go for a simple gate design with quality and style that can match the home exteriors, it can drive a great impression in the minds of guests and visitors.

    3. Kind of Material

    The core reason behind building the main gate is to provide considerable security. Hence, they should offer considerable strength. The frequently used materials for the simple gate design include Aluminium, Iron and Steel. They deliver amazing strength and flexibility to give birth to customized main gate designs.

    4. Security 

    It is crucial to ensure that the doors and gates safeguard your property. Strong and reliable materials must be considered while you design gates for security.

    5. Functionality

    Based on the availability of space on your property, you can select the functionality of your gate. Some of the common types of gates include swing gates, automated gates, pivot lift gates, etc.

    Best simple gate design trends 

    Iron Gate Design with Wooden Shield:

    Iron is the favorite choice of simple gate designs for any home. It makes the appearance of the homes rich and elegant. Since iron gates are usually quite huge, they offer outstanding security and bother about your privacy. Wrought iron gates are nowadays commonly used to give a minimalist and clean look to your gates with a simple design. Modern houses, suburban homes and city houses use these designs with both basic pattern and abstract pattern. Additionally, you can secure the gate with a latch that can be lifted and lowered to avoid its swinging and to open the gate. Use warm wood tones for better results and a heart-welcoming appearance.

    2. White Gate design:

    The white gate represents serenity and tranquility. It appears like a fairy tale gate and these are usually the favorite gate styles in the paintings of artists. The gates look more beautiful with flower gardens and landscapes around. This design is ideal for homebuyers who wish to fuse the landscaping in Kerala to the home exteriors. The core purpose of the gate is to ensure that the homes look vibrant. The white wooden walls in the background can magnify the charm of the white gates. Additionally, the wooden stripes between the gate can make the designs gorgeous. 

    3. Simple Iron Gate design:

    This type of gate is quite common in the current world and popular due to the use of strong material. People who prefer simple iron gates need to be vigilant about the minute details and patterns of the gates. They are affordable and abundantly available in the market. When you stay in a small home that has a small flower garden in the front, this gate is a suitable option. Iron gates have high durability and look rich. Rustic Brown and black are the color options that make iron gates classy.

    4. Wooden Gate With Iron Detailing:

    This simple gate design Kerala is ideal for a small house. It adds a neat appearance to your farmhouse and offers great opacity. The gate also ensures high-end security and privacy to protect the dwellers with a sturdy material design. You can endow a crown design to the gate with wooden logs that fill the gaps. The uppermost portion usually has elegant iron designs that make the gate gorgeous.

    5. Garden Gate:

    The garden gate offers a gateway that opens up to the garden and this type of gate will suit your house if it has a huge garden with buds and blossoms. You can place stone blocks between them and set a green color for the garden gate. The gate is of one part and opens on both sides. The garden gates are small, so only one person can pass and get into the garden or house. You can also try Aluminium main gate designs for city houses to give beauty to homes with gardens around.

    6. Big Wooden Gate With Glass Design:

    The wooden gates embellished with glass designs are one of the most innovative gate designs for your property. If you stay in a farmhouse or a bungalow, you can use this type of gate. This gate is large and a car can effortlessly get through. The huge gate offers complete security with an opaque finish. The gate is made up completely using a wooden log. However, the middle of the gate has a round glass design that is unique and creative.

    7. Simple gate design with Wood And Iron Combinations: 

    The blend of wood and iron is an amazing choice if you look for a simple yet modern design option that suits both homes and villas. The entire gate structure consists of iron. The gates are usually constructed with square patterns in the body. The squares can be filled with wooden logs to enhance the visual elegance. This classic gate design is one of the beautiful gate options with the beauty of premium style wooden and iron finish.

    8. Modern Steel Gate:

    The steel gate designs are the most alluring and unique type of design that can let you win many compliments from the visitors. The gate is split up into three parts, where the middle portion is kept simple with stripes. The other side portions of the gate have zig-zag patterns all over. The side parts are usually painted in white colors and the middle portion in red to render a color contrast. A black steel gate is another striking design you can enhance with a metal frame or art gate patterns.

    9. Curvy Iron Gates: 

    The curvy iron gate is an awesome gate design for small houses. This simple gate design can make your house look cute. The gate is completely made with iron and makes it firm enough to ensure long life. The gate holds a rectangular structure with curvy lines laid one after the other in a simple style pattern.

    10. Sliding Wooden Gate:

    This type of gate includes a sliding wooden gate, which invokes privacy and convenience together. You should incorporate an opaque wooden structure to grab the completeness of this single gate design. The sliding gates design consists of a huge wooden log kept one after the other to give birth to the large gate. Make sure you clean the gates properly before oiling or staining them.

    11. Door Like gate design For Small Homes:

    This door-like structure is a creative idea you can adopt for your houses. This style of gate imparts a classy visual treat that will tempt people to believe this is a door. It is equipped with a decorative frame that acts as a stronger firm and powerful protective shield, without allowing anyone to break the security. Automated gates are also used as a part of the Smart home automation Kerala, which offers the convenience of managing gates and doors on your remote control.

    12. One-sided Contemporary Style Gate Design

    Among all the other doors and gates discussed above, these individual gates form a versatile option for small houses. They can be moved and installed effortlessly and can be personalized in the way you need. People prefer artistic iron, wrought iron, steel and grill gate designs to make the single-sided gate eye-catching.

    Vastu tips you can consider for simple gate design 

    • The metal gate or combination of metal and wood can be used in the South direction.
    • Metal finished main gate is apt to be placed in the West direction.
    • The grill gate design with silver paint is perfect in the North direction.
    • When you have a wooden gate designed with a metal grill, it is advised to place it to the east.
    • Avoid keeping the main entrance taller than the compound wall.
    • To invoke positive energy and prosperity, keep the main gate attractively lit.
    • Keep the entrance gate open inwards and in a clockwise direction.


    Beautiful Gate designs began gaining popularity among home buyers with various materials and blends of materials offering security, integrity, privacy and beauty. The aforementioned gate ideas are listed based on the popularity, affordability and satisfaction the gates offer.

    To maintain a spectacular front gate design, make sure you take care of the gates. Grease or oil the gates frequently and paint them once in a while. Make sure you keep the gates lubricated and prevent rust from taking away their charm. 

    Check out for pests and use a controller to prevent them from attacking your amazing gates. If you use electric gates, check whether the photocells are cleaned. Use a moist cloth, ( not wet) to wipe the photocells. 

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