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Nov 92015

Top 7 Decorating Ideas for your Apartments

Posted On November 9, 2015 | by Hilife | in Apartment LivingInterior DesignTips & Advice

Apartment Decorating ideas

Shifting into a new apartment essentially comes with a little adjustment session. You don’t know the unit your neighborhood, thus the foreign place isn’t as comfy as you wished it to be.
However, the best part is that the discomfort doesn’t last forever. Before you actually feel the difference, your apartment and the people around you, make you feel like home. You can also add some interesting apartment decorating ideas to make it more appealing.
However, you certainly need to speed up the process by trying some of the tips mentioned below:


Lighting is a strong, unnoticed and not so much appreciated aspect which can actually make your apartment feel warmer and affectionate. A good lighting ideology turns a dull space into a cosy and intimate location, so it is the first thing that you should handle while you planning to shift in- after settling down all the major necessities.

Decorate as per your Taste

Once your furnishings and other basic necessities are decked in your new studio apartments, squeeze in stuff of your personal taste. It means decoration! Choose artwork, showpieces, knick knacks and other details which make you happy. Right from the painting of your drawing room to your shower, lamps and even curtains should be as per your style. Be selective in what you decorate your apartment with- only select those items that sync with your overall décor scheme and match your taste. When you’re planning to shop for stuff, do not just pick items because you like them. All the stuff should be cohesive with other belongings of yours or they’ll be a mismatch and feel out of place.

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Bring in Sentimental Stuff

According to your décor scheme, you should also bring in your personal items which mean a lot to you. A painting from your father’s room, your study furnishing, blanket knitted by your mother are just examples of decorative items which you can bring. They don’t only look good, but also have sentimental value attached.


Usually most of the apartments are already cleaned before the new people move in. However, it is not always the case. Before keeping your stuff, do a complete clean. This helps you with a fresh start, plus, you’ll get to know your new space more closely.

Make your own Space

You won’t get time to decorate your apartment instantly, so pick one. Commence with the place which makes you feel cozy and make it completely yours. Once you settle in the apartment, the complete place will make you feel like home.

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Throw a Party

Bring in your loved ones and friends and your new space will feel like your old home right away. There is nothing like enjoying time with older people. Even an unknown place looks known and friendly.

Explore your Neighborhood

Once you’ve selected the apartment, you should check out the neighborhood. Go for a walk and see what restaurants, stores, markets, coffee shops are available. Find about your neighborhood and it will make you happy and predict your future there.

Don’t worry; this new apartment of yours will really commence to feel like home in no time with the above mentioned tips.

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