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The Different Types of Apartments: All You Need to Know About

Posted By hilife_admin On Wed, Oct 27, 2021

People choose residential buildings with many expectations and thoughts and search among different types of apartments, to finally arrive at a feasible and highly satisfactory solution. Nowadays, apartment living is trending not only due to the convenience but also due to the affordability and good standard of living offered. Modern apartments like Flats in Thrissur provide extra benefits like furnished and semi-furnished property, which enables a more comfortable life with all amenities at the fingertips.

While buying ready to occupy flats, the prospects should consider various factors like availability of parking spaces, carpet area, public transport, annual income, 24/7 water supply, location, vehicular access, attractive facilities, security systems, and the closeness to the services like airport, railway station, hospitals, educational institutions, offices, etc.

Now, let’s discuss in detail the various types of apartments in Kerala.

1. Penthouse Apartments


This is a luxury apartment that is settled on the building’s top floor. The penthouse BHK apartments are well known for their excellent sky views and beautiful landscapes. If the buyer is looking into making a luxurious living and absolute private space, then these can be the best available option.

2. High Rise Apartments

High-rise apartments are the usual residential building options available in metropolitan cities. They have round-the-clock security,  motion sensors and security cameras to ensure 24×7 protection and also with all the modern common amenities such as Swimming pool, Gym, Home theatre, Children’s play area, Lifts etc. They are tall towers with spectacular views and various units such as 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK bedroom apartments. 

3. BHK Apartments

5 BHK apartments are the most luxurious and huge apartments meant for a classy experience. Ready to occupy flats with more than 3 balconies, 6 baths, and a home automation system, they assure convenience to big families, commercial business groups, and other groups of people who wish to spend life together. 

4. Mid-Rise Apartments

The mid-rise apartment is an excellent type of property located usually in 5-11 storeyed apartment buildings. They are generally found in urban locations and consist of a single elevator. They have a minimum of four floors and a maximum of 12 and don’t exceed this count normally. They can be the best options to live in the suburbs and cities.

5. Low Rise Apartments

With 3-4 storeyed small buildings, low rise apartments are smaller than high rise apartments affordable for people with an adequate income. They have greater privacy and are highly negotiable in matters like lease, utilities, rent, etc.

6. Duplex Apartments

The duplex apartment is an individual apartment unit having 2 stories and a private staircase. They give you ultra-luxury and world-class living with a feel of living in an independent two-storeyed house.

7. Studio Apartments

These are affordable apartments that usually have one room, kitchen, and private bathroom. The best studio apartments also allocate car parking facilities and related facilities you demand close to the residence. You can also avail studio apartments as furnished or semi-furnished properties too.

8. Alcove Studio Apartments

They are similar to the normal studio apartments, but usually have the L kind partition for the living room. This will generally give more space that can be well utilized as a sleeping area. They have nook spaces which can be reutilized according to your needs. People prefer to use those spaces to sleep or as a small office area.

9. Convertible Studio Apartments

The convertible studio is a studio apartment big in size, and here one can create a bedroom by building a wall of partition. It has an extra alcove that can be used up for bedroom space or can be left for some creative implementation of ideas. They are flexible options of studio apartments with the choice of conversion of spaces left to the buyer.

10. Convertible (Flex) Apartments

When the apartment has more than enough space where it can be converted and recreated into a new bedroom, it is a flex apartment. For instance, when your bedroom has more space you can get walled off and build a second bedroom, then it can be promoted through ad as convertible two-bedroom flex.

11. Waterfront Apartments


With the serenity of waterfront ambience,  the waterfront apartments deliver a luxurious experience to the inhabitants. Waterfront living can provide you the comfort of meeting the perfect aesthetic pleasure, cool breeze and living standards, with the beautiful backwaters, aquatic birds, and charming blues of skies.

12. Loft

These are usually seen in the upper portions of the buildings.  They are open spaces and lack interior wall divisions. When you have a single large room that has high ceilings, this is known as a loft. The loft is usually present in commercial building establishments that are further renovated to be residential apartments. You can also imagine loft as a huge studio apartment.

13. Triplex Apartments


A unit that consists of three floors or three levels is a triplex apartment.  When tenants wish to buy the property in such a way that they demand for units one over the other, then they can choose triplex apartments. Apart from the 1st floor, you may use the 2nd floor and 3rd floor as sleeping quarters.

14. Junior 1 Bedroom Apartments

It is a slightly different called-up version of the studio apartments. It consists of another sleeping room added to the normal studio apartment which is a ¾ room space. It can fit a bed and a tiny dresser meant for kids.  This is also a kind of studio apartment, where  a half or a complete wall separates living and sleeping areas.

15. Garden Apartments Triplex Apartments

Garden Apartments.

This residential apartment has access to a good backyard space. They are usually on the ground floor, and sometimes located on the basement level as well. The garden apartments need to be checked well, as the partial underground apartments are not worth it. The garden style apartments can exceed your expectations of aesthetic pleasure and let you enjoy the freshness of air and greenery.

16. Condominium

When the apartments are owned by a particular person, but many different people join to live in the same space, this is called a condo or condominium. The apartment is rented out by the owners to these smaller groups of people, who promise to pay a specific periodic amount of money for making use of the apartments.

17. Service Apartments


The service apartments are well known for their luxurious and privacy considerations. They are excellent property booked for a short span of time, and best chosen by the travelers who require a personal space in the city. The cost of the service apartments varies according to season and the requirement.

What Apartment life can Offer you

Apartments can give you a promising advanced lifestyle with the most desirable world class luxury,  utmost comfort and perfect standard of living. Additionally, the view of premises and perfect scenic surroundings can give your eyes extreme happiness of discovering the worthiest place to live in. As per your demands, 2BHK,  3BHK,  4BHK,  5BHK , Waterfront and Duplex Apartments are available nowadays to deliver a relaxing yet appealing living experience.

With convenience stores,  gyms,  basic amenities, infinity pools, club house, sports facilities, green podium, reading room and huge parking spaces, Apartments consider your quality of life along with the best living experience offered. 

If you are looking for a perfect combination of urban comfort and scenic charm, along with the residential apartment options, then Apartments meet all these requirements with the choicest services. Also read more about advantages living apartment.


The Real Estate trends for Apartment complexes have grown tremendously due to the 24×7 security and the ideal location at the heart of the city. The beauty, balcony space, and ample parking space of the building plot along with the beautiful homes have been highly in demand among the buyers.

Also, the demand for BHK resale apartments has seen a quite appreciable upsurge due to the convenient features like social life and network with a gated community. It is important to note that the bhk property should adhere to the  Real Estate (Regulation And Development) norms and procedures to safeguard the apartment owner’s legal rights. The K-RERA or Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority norms need to be strictly followed by the buyers, owners, and agents to make a hassle-free process for all real estate projects.

The Real estate in Thrissur is made perfect with the launch of bhk residential apartment and superior quality of life assured by the best builders at the heart of the city.  There are many attractive residential spaces in Thrissur with numerous innovative options which people with various even budget incomes can avail using low-interest home loans.

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