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    Tips for Finding a Flat Before Moving to a New City

    When you’re planning to move to a new city, the biggest concern is to find a place to live. It is certainly the first thing on your list. And, if it’s a city which you’re not very acquainted with, the job can be a more tedious one. Thus, here is a handy guide to assist you to find your new flat, before shifting to a new city. Analyze your Budget Before you check out the listings, you should find out ways to fine down your research. The best place is to commence with your budget. For those who are shifting for a job and know how much they’ll be earning in a month, divide the amount by 3 and make it your max. You can also calculate the online cost of living instruments and compare the prices of your present city in your future and it will give you an estimate of the how far your costing will change. Select your Location When you’re new to a location, it could be tough to know what location, area and neighborhood could be apt for you. Thus, one should think about the necessary criteria- quick and easy public transportation access, closeness to...