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    What Makes A Neighborhood Great? Signs Of Family Friendly Neighborhood In Thrissur, Kerala

    Have you ever thought about what makes a neighborhood great? You know, where you get a true feeling of belonging and community. A few areas in Thrissur, Kerala, India, have it exactly right. They have a wonderful blend of features that promote meaningful connections and interactions among neighbors. There are narrow streets lined with homes and flats, children playing cricket in the streets and people pausing to speak on their way to the market. Elders sitting on verandahs, drinking chai or reading the newspaper, keeping an impartial look on the goings-on. As women cut vegetables and mix delicious curries on the stovetop, the fragrance of home cooking fills the air. There is a rhythm to everyday life in these areas that reinforces the bonds between people and place. A location where you know you belong and are completely at ease. Where doors are open, lives intertwine and there is always someone around who is interested in what’s happening in your tiny part of the globe. What Makes A Neighborhood Great For Families And The Elderly? A good neighborhood for families and the elderly has specific characteristics that make living simpler and more pleasurable. As well as, community living is important...