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Hi-Life Builders believes not just in the perfection in creative construction only, but in developing warmth relationships too. Hi-Life considers the relationship building as much valuable as from the beginning itself and thus ensures absolute peace of mind to its clients. The unique services from Hi-Life like Homecare, and After sales care stem from the belief that there's no room for compromise in Hi-Life.

Home Care

Know Home Care
Home care is a service option offering broad ranges of utilities care and support services, provided in your home. It provides assistance in day-to-day activities for a complete comfortable stay.

Types of Home Care Services that may be available in your Apartment.
Hi-Life believes clients are a high priority, and we work hard to earn their confidence and trust during the transaction, but our service doesn't stop there. We continually render our services on:

Payment of bills
For our clients we will provide timely payment of following bills based on their necessity:
1. Electric bills
2. Telephone bills
3. Association dues
4. Other bills (property tax, cable/internet bills, etc.)

Home Loans

The interest rates on home loans have reached an all time low and the fewer procedures for home loans make the whole process quite hassle-free. There are enriched schemes which will apt for you. These loans from leading Bank Sectors can be arranged with minimum involvement on your part (subject to the conditions put forth by the financial institutions) which makes the procedure more easy and comfortable. Maximum loan amount with long term easy installments can be arranged for both NRIs and RIs.

Here is a list of general documents required for sanctioning the loan amount
1. Passport size photograph of all applicants
2. Copy of passport and visa
3. Copy of work permit
4. Bank statement for last six months both international ( in which the salary is credited) and domestic
5. NRE account.
6. General Power of Attorney as per the HFC's draft duly attested by the Indian Consulate in case NRI is not in India.
7. If NRI is in India then the POA can be locally notarised by Notary Public.
8. Copy of appointment letter or Contract.
9. Copy of Labour card or Identity card if employed in Middle East.
10. Salary certificate specifying Name, Date of joining, Designation Salary details and deductionsif any or
11. Latest four months salary slips.
12. Administration fee cheque from NRE account (0.5% of the loan amount).

After Sales Services

We assure our after sales services to you right from the time of handing over of your home. All repairs and maintenance that may be needed for electrical, plumbing fixtures and other finishing items will be provided based on the terms. Inspection is provided of installations like lift, fire fighting equipments etc. and demonstration of the same to residents.

It looks like now you don't need further persuasion to buy a home designed by HiLife Builders if you have been searching Thrissur Flats for sale. There could be no builder who can provide you with such a huge plethora of services like we do.


Selling and buying ready to occupy apartments can be a daunting task. Receiving calls and meeting unknown prospects poses many risk, and then the job of showing the apartment to prospects is a tedious and time consuming affair. The genuine buyer and seller are also sometimes reluctant to buy or sell a used apartment. They are apprehensive of the hidden defects, the legality of the ownership, the identity of the seller/buyer etc. For these reasons, Hi Life can act as the perfect service provider. We will search for you databases of buyers and sellers for ready to occupy apartments. A professionally skilled marketing and sales team is there to assist you in getting the best deal for the property. So never hesitate to approach us.
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